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Gary Sipes
Gary Sipes

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Livingston Municipal Airport (00R) Livingston, Texas
R.L. Jones/Riverside Airport (RVS) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Engine OverhaulsSipes Aircraft has been serving the flying public and the general aviation community since 1990. We have top-flight facilities for aircraft maintenance, with approved procedures and licensed mechanics. From annual inspections to engine overhaul work, we do it all for all types of general aviation aircraft.

Need a Pre-Buy Inspection?   Please call us! We work with the buyer's interest in mind. We have many years of Cessna Service Center experience.

Quality Care For Your Quality Aircraft!

Sipes Aircraft is now a Robinson Service Center

Sipes Aircraft is now a Rotax Service Center

The new Tow-EZ aircraft tug is the latest innovation to safely tow any size aircraft. The Tow-EZX is now in production, and available in several different sizes. Click on the picture for a short YouTube demo movie, then contact Gary Sipes for more information.
More Information at
The New Tow-EZ

LancairWe have now opened an Aircraft Sales Division. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality used aircraft. We already have a great reputation and plan to keep it that way. We will only represent an aircraft honestly and factually.

Please review the aircraft we have for sale. We probably have one that is right for you!

Aircraft Management Services

Ask us about placing your aircraft on a hassle-free management program for a fraction of typical management fees. Cessna 414 ManagementWe have the expertise to staff your aircraft with manufacturer-approved pilots, with years of quality experience in a strictly supervised environment. Let us evaluate your flying operation and show you how to save dollars and take advantage of truly accounting for your cost and making the most of it. We make safety, passenger comfort, and efficiency, in that order, our highest priorities. Let us problem solve, evaluate, and execute solutions for you and your aircraft. Tailoring a corporate or private aircraft operation to fit your needs and financial budget is our specialty. Ask us to show you what we can do for you.

Airglas Large Nose Fork
Customer Project Of The Month

Look at this Cessna 172 with 8.50x6 tires on the mains and a 700x6 tire on the nose with an Airglas large nose fork. This is just one example of how Sipes Aircraft can assist you in updating your pride and joy.

Airglas Large Nose Fork

Sipes Aircraft is an Authorized Dealer and Installer of the Following Aircraft Modifications:

You may click on a company's logo to visit their website and learn more.
Then call us for special pricing and installation details.

Electronics International Inc.
FAA Approved STC'd, PMA'd, TSO'd
Digital Aircraft Engine Instruments

Aircraft Engine Data Management Systems

Aircraft Engine Fuel Computers

GAMI's Award Winning GAMIjectors® Fuel Injectors

Oxygen Cylinder Sales and Services

TSO'd and STC'd Digital Instruments

Cessna 182/300 Engine Conversions,
Air Plains 300 HP STC/font>

Power Flow Tuned Exhausts
for Bolt-On Horsepower

Add Speed And Efficiency To Your Aircraft

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