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Ski Tubes

Have you ever wanted to fly-in to hunt and fish or ski, and needed a place to carry your oversize equipment?

Try our Ski Tube. The Ski Tube is fabricated from .032 2023 T2 aluminum and measures 72" long. It's perfect for several sets of ski's, guns, or fishing rods. The Ski Tube door is kept closed with a Harwell trigger lock. The Ski Tube is capable of hauling 40 lbs of equipment (30 lbs limited to the first 30" and 10 lbs at the most aft.

Look at these pictures, then call us for details about your installation.

Helicopter Safety Straps

Don't let your tail fall off!   Add a little security to your helicopters cluster fittings.

Installation is a simple bolt-on type, with no modification to the airframe for the Hughes 269 and Schwiezer 300 Series Helicopters. This allows for a safe landing in the event that the cluster fitting should fail.

The kit consists of 8 clamp halves that are bolted to the skid cross beam and four straps that are bolted to the clamp halves and the lower end of the tail boom support struts. All clamp halves have chafe strips bonded to them. Installation of this kit does not relieve the required inspections of the manufacturer and/or the Administrator. A sample FAA form 337 included in Kit.

Look at these pictures, then call us for more details.


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